Spotlight on Cleaning Your Dryer Lint Trap

Air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, dryer lint trap cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning in Kyle are all valuable services for home maintenance. Clogged dryer vents are a primary cause of household fires, and your dryer’s lint trap also poses a danger because lint that escapes or builds up inside your dryer can potentially spark a fire. Additionally, when your lint trap is dirty and blocked, it can increase the drying time for your clothing loads and raise your energy costs.

Your dryer’s lint trap is located either on top of the dryer or inside of the door. After finding your lint trap, remove the lint screen and collect the lint from its surface—this step should be done between every load of clothing that you dry. To give the screen a more thorough cleaning, use your vacuum’s brush attachment and gently run it over the screen’s surface.

Next, use your vacuum to remove any lint left behind in the lint trap. After cleaning out all of the lint put the lint screen back in place and the task is done. Keeping your dryer lint trap clean is an easy way to improve your machine’s efficiency and reduce fire hazards for your home.

Dryer Lint Cleaning