A Look at Some Common Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets provide style, luxury, and comfort to the flooring in your home. If you have carpets, you will want to protect your floors with routine carpet cleaning from a team of professionals. Carpet cleaners near Kyle can help you clean carpet stains and restore the overall look and appearance of your carpeted floors. From steam cleaning to spot repair and more, your technicians will be able to provide you with a full range of carpet cleaning services. To help you prepare for your next appointment, here is a look at some of the most common carpet cleaning methods that are used by professionals.


Clean CarpetOne of the most common carpet cleaning methods is to pre-treat the surface of the carpets before the main cleaning service takes place. Pre-cleaning is especially effective in high traffic or heavily soiled areas of carpet. After vacuuming the surface of your carpet, your technician will spray the surface of your carpet with a special cleaning material. This substance will help your carpets achieve an even deeper level of clean.

Wet Shampooing

Depending on the preferences of your carpet cleaning company, you may be offered wet shampooing services for your carpet cleaning appointment. During a wet shampooing procedure, your technician will spray a special type of wet foam on the surface of the carpet. This foam will react with any dirt or stains on your carpeting. Next, an extractor will be used to vacuum away any foam and dirt particles from the surface of your carpets.

Dry Shampooing

Dry shampooing is another very popular carpet cleaning method. Unlike wet shampooing, which will require a drying period, dry shampooing will allow you to walk on your carpets immediately after the procedure has been completed. Dry foam shampooing is also an effective procedure for cleaning very large areas of carpeting in a single appointment. For more information about the different carpet cleaning methods that are available for your floors, be sure to contact your local floor cleaning company.