Tips for Keeping Your Home Cleaner Between Professional Visits

Clean CarpetService Depot specializes in professional carpet cleaning and repair, air duct cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning to keep your home looking its best. Between professional visits, a few simple steps can help you maximize your cleaning results for a beautiful and healthy home.

  • Your furnace filter helps to keep your HVAC system, air ducts, and home clean and free from dust. Changing your furnace filter every one to three months will reduce dust and dirt buildup for faster home cleaning and higher indoor air quality.

  • Place doormats on the inside and outside of each exterior door in your home. These mats will help to catch dirt, mud, and other debris to reduce the amount that is tracked inside.

  • Sweeping and vacuuming regularly will help to prevent dirt and dust from staining or discoloring your carpeting and tile. Taking a few moments to complete these tasks each week will contribute to a cleaner home that always looks its best.
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