Tile & Grout Cleaning

Effective Cleaning for Ceramic Tile in Kyle & San Marcos

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile is a beautiful and durable flooring option that can be used throughout the home, including entryways, living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Over time, tile and grout are susceptible to stains, even when you make every effort to clean them regularly during your chores. Professional tile and grout cleaning in Kyle is a great solution for worn or dirty floors that could be affecting your enjoyment of a clean and healthy home; at Service Depot, we can help you maintain the tiled areas of your home with our grout and tile cleaning services.

Understanding Tile and Grout Cleaning

Not all tile and grout products are the same. Understanding the properties of the tile and grout you have installed can help you take proper steps to protect them. When it comes time to clean your tile and grout, your professional tile cleaning service has the tools and the knowledge it takes to treat your floors properly for the best results.

  • Tile may be made from any one of many materials, such as ceramic and natural stone. Depending on the type of tile you have installed, it may be more or less susceptible to water, stains, and wear. Additionally, the type of tile you have installed will determine the best cleaning solution to restore its look, which is why tile cleaning is best left to a professional.
  • Similarly, there are several types of grout, each with different properties. Cement-based grout is very porous, and can easily absorb moisture, dirt, and stains. Epoxy-based grout is less absorbent and more resistant to dirt, but must still be handled carefully during cleaning. While your first inclination may be to soak your grout, this can actually damage grout or cause premature wear, rather than cleaning it efficiently.

Common Sources of Tile and Grout Stains

Tile and grout cleaning focuses on eliminating dirt and wear affecting the surfaces of your home, restoring the look of your tile, and prolonging the lifetime of your investment. If you’d like to find out more about tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and carpet cleaning and restoration in Kyle, please call Service Depot at (512) 832-8200 for a free estimate.

  • Soap scum is a combination of the minerals in your water and the soap you use while bathing or cleaning. Over time, this combination can harden on tile and grout surfaces, causing stubborn buildup.
  • Mold and bacteria grow quickly in damp areas; porous grout in frequently-used areas can retain enough moisture to promote mold growth, which may then cause discoloration and staining.
  • Food and beverage spills can often stain tile and grout as well, especially when they are not cleaned promptly.

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