How the Professionals Clean Tile Grout

Many homeowners may not pay much attention to their floors, until they start to look dingy and soiled. While you may invest some of your time in cleaning your tile floors, chances are you have not given your grout as much care. Grout is a porous material, and is therefore susceptible to absorbing liquid and dirt. Without professional tile and grout cleaning in Kyle, you could have mold, mildew, and other materials staining your grout. Cleaning grout on your own is challenging to say the least, and often not as effective as you’d like it to be. Read on to learn how the professionals clean tile grout to keep it looking new.

Causes of Grout Stains

Cleaning GroutGrout sits lower than your tile, whether it’s on your floors or on shower walls. When you clean your tile, the dirt and water that you rinse away can get stuck in the grout, leaving you with grout lines that are dirtier than when you started. Small particles get down into the grout, and no amount of scrubbing that you do will be able to lift it out. That’s why it’s best to call the professionals who know the best methods of cleaning grout. The experts have the right tools for the job and will leave you with better looking grout.

Steps of Grout Cleaning

When you call the pros for grout cleaning services, the first step involved is vacuuming. This will remove any surface dirt on the tile and grout. Mopping comes next, drying the floors as they go to keep the grout from developing any mold or mildew in its pores. The next and most important step in the grout cleaning process is steam cleaning. Steam can get inside the small pores in the grout, and its water content helps release dirt and stains. As the steam rises out of the grout lines, it brings dirt and soil with it where it can be wiped away and removed for good.