Dealing with Stains on Your Floors

Your floors are bound to experience a spill or accident now and again. Here are some ways to deal with stains on your carpeted and wood floors. When in doubt, contact a reputable professional who specializes in carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and floor stain removal in Kyle.

Remove Stains While They Are Fresh

The best way to deal with stains is to tackle them while they are fresh. Stains that are allowed to dry are much harder to clean because they have had time to become absorbed into carpet fibers, carpet pads, or wooden floors.

Wine Carpet Stain Get the Right Products for Pet Accidents

Your dogs and cats might have accidents in the house from time to time. Pet urine is very unpleasant to deal with, especially when it’s soaked into carpet or wood. It also has a distinctive odor that can be hard to remove. Luckily, there are many effective ways to clean pet accidents. Be sure to clean up an accident as soon as it’s discovered. Use cleaning products that are specifically formulated to clean dog and cat urine—these products should contain natural enzymes that neutralize odors. Enlist the help of an experienced flooring and carpet cleaning company for more stubborn stains.

Know What to Do When You See Red

Remove blood or red wine stains from your carpet immediately. For blood, blot the stain as much as possible, using a clean rag or paper towel—resist the urge to rub the stain, which can drive the stain deeper into your carpet. Use a mixture of water and mild dish soap on the blood stain, and blot and dab until the stain is removed. For red wine spills, slightly wet the stain with cold water and blot up the liquid. Club soda works too. Remember to move quickly and don’t allow the stain to set. Sprinkle the area with table salt to discourage the stain from setting—the salt will absorb the residual wine in the carpet.