What Is Carpet Stretching?

Is your carpet looking a little bumpy or wavy? Those ripples in your carpet are caused by improper carpet installation or dragging large pieces of furniture. If your carpet is not properly adhered to the floor, normal foot traffic can cause it to move and get wrinkled. To fix this issue, talk to your Kyle area carpet repair service technician about carpet stretching.

Carpet stretching smooths out your carpet to return it to its original form. By making sure that the edges of the carpet are properly secured along your walls, ripples and bumps in your carpet are eliminated. This will not only make your carpet nicer to look at, but can also reduce the risk of tripping or damaging your carpet further.

Before scheduling a carpet stretching, get an estimate from multiple companies to make sure you’re getting a fair price. Also see if you can schedule a carpet cleaning service in the same visit. When coupled with professional carpet cleaning, carpet stretching can make old carpets look fresh and new again!

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